In our February 2016 post we mentioned that the aerospace, military, and high-tech Connectronics Facility Expansion Blog Image 1industries are growing rapidly and we are happy to report that Connectronics’ specialized connectors are following suit, keeping up in high demand!

Last fall we brought a new molding machine onto the production line to provide the high-power capabilities we need to help us keep up with orders for rubber insulators and molded components. With the extension of the new machine it was clear that we needed additional physical space for our operations. As a result, we have invested in the construction of a new building to increase capabilities.

Between Connectronics and Wiremax, we currently have 28,000 ft of operational space. Connectronics Facility Expansion Blog Image 2The new facility will add approximately 18,000 square feet. This continued work space adds more capacity, storage, and flexibility in meeting the increasing demands for our products.

Overseeing the construction is local contractor Dunipace Building. The work is moving along nicely and we expect the building to be complete this coming September.

As the year rolls on we are looking forward to watching the new building take shape and the continued success of the products and industries we serve. Stay tuned for the next update and contact us in regards to any questions you might have!

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