Anyone who works within the mining industry can tell you it’s one of the oldest, most important industries out there. Take iron ore, for example: roughly 98% of the world’s iron ore mining/production is used to make steel, and steel is a material we simply can’t live without; it’s actually the most widely used metal in the world. It’s also a major export, and a critical part of manufacturing and our economy.

What many people don’t think about when they use the products that come from iron ore mining are the people who, every day, perform the challenging and labor intensive task of mining. In the past, this was an especially dangerous job, but luckily, new technologies are making the job safer for those who devote their lives to it.

One of these technologies is electrostatic air filters, which use static electricity to clean the air within mines. The air flows through static prone filters, which then create an electrostatic charge. The static charge holds onto any airborne particles, never releasing them until the filters are washed. In this way, air is effectively cleaned in a natural way, creating a safer environment within the mines.

As an added bonus, these types of filters typically are long-lasting and have low operating costs—their use is a win/win.

a0001010So where do we at Connectronics fit into this scenario? Connectronics is currently developing cables for the next generation mining filters that will have greater reliability, which leads to lower cost operation.

The client was in need of high voltage cables that would meet all of the needs of this particular equipment, and we were happily up for the task. Likewise, we’re very satisfied, knowing we’re doing our part to keep the air clean and safe for those who take on the crucial job of mining.