Fotosearch_k0721854It’s pretty clear that technology is evolving. From paving the way for manufacturing efficiencies to making life easier every day, advances are evident. In the U.S., the defense and aerospace industry plays a crucial role in our daily lives and military presence, so it’s no shock that a plethora of research and monetary support has been poured into pushing its products to the next level.

Because of this, some of the most significant technological advances are in these industries, and we’ve seen major advances in something specific: radar systems. These systems are integral parts of aircraft and missiles because of their ability track the distance and speed of approaching objects, which is key to tracking possible collisions or enemy fire.

Big names such as Northrup Grumman and Lockheed Martin are taking full advantage of new technology to propel their products to the next level. For example, Northrup Grumman has started to produce a “directed infrared countermeasures system for fast jets,” which may come with a laser jammer. Additionally, Lockheed Martin may add a laser missile jammer to its F-35 joint strike fighter.

In the near future, we can expect to see more advanced and complex missiles that can be fired from almost 600 miles from the target and contain small radar jammers. These radar jammers will allow pilots, crew and expensive flight equipment to maintain safe distances and allow the missile to do all the work and take all the risk in hostile airspace.  Advances in electronics and miniaturization of products, reducing size and weight, make this possible.

To cater to these specific products in the aerospace industry, Connectronics offers a variety of high-voltage interconnection systems that are compatible with these products. Some of the high-voltage products we offer include the Dual HVL Series, the CMC-715 Series, and the MIDGI Series.

As radar, missile, and aircraft products become more technologically advanced, our systems are sure to be a great addition to these complicated aerospace products in the defense industry. Our products are durable, reliable, and are available in a variety of temperature and operational ranges. To see more of the many different types of high-voltage interconnection systems that we offer, please visit our website.