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While striving to finish 2017 on a strong note, industrial manufacturers already are looking forward to 2018 — and feeling pretty good about it. In a survey conducted by Intellitek Systems, 60 percent of manufacturers expressed optimism about the U.S. economy’s prospects during the next 12 months. Falling by more than 20 percent during the Great Recession, manufacturing output is now above its pre-recession peak. Moderate revenue growth is expected in the United States during 2018.

Among sectors where growth is expected in the next 12 months are aerospace and defense, nuclear, medical, and oil exploration.

Rising geopolitical tensions, terrorism and civil wars have given a boost to defense contractors, which, in turn, benefit the aerospace and defense industry. Gains are anticipated for aerospace manufacturers, specifically, thanks to a growing international market for weapons — developing nations expanding their defense spending — and the rise of new warfare technologies. The defense industry stands to gain from a sizable increase in the U.S. defense budget under President Donald Trump and rising spending by other major powers.

Nuclear power capacity is increasing steadily, with about 50 reactors under construction in 13 countries. Plant upgrades are significantly boosting capacity, and plant lifetime extension programs are maintaining capacity, particularly in the United States.

Strong growth is projected to continue in the medical industry amid demand for more advanced and personalized treatment; an increased availability of health care; and an aging population.

U.S. oil output is expected to reach a record high in 2018 as oil and gas companies employ better drilling methods and focus on their best wells to operate in a tough price environment.

Connectronics Corp., founded in 1988, is a designer and manufacturer of specialized connectors and interconnection systems for a variety of industries. Our management staff has more than 300 years of combined connector and interconnects experience in fields such as avionics, analytical instruments, aerospace, medical, nuclear, underwater, radar, oil exploration, and stage lighting.

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This year has been a continued series of industry connections to advance new technologies both at Connectronics and other related sectors. Some of the top innovations we’ve noted throughout 2017 include: air filters to keep miners safe, JUICE, and Hyperloop.

Internally, our team has taken on a project for large air filters in coal mining. Without top of the line air filters, miners are exposed to contaminated air from dirt and dust particles. Without advances in air filters, coal miners can contract diseases like pneumoconiosis, or miner’s lung/black lung disease, from unfiltered air. Our specialized air filters capture and remove tiny particles to purify the air making underground illnesses a thing of the past. The system carries away particles from the mine resulting in cleaner air within both the workspace and surrounding area. For more information on our underground air filters, read our November 2017 filter updates.

Externally, we’ve been keeping an eye on two major industries that we serve: aerospace and transportation. As we last reported on in August, the ESA has been busy working on a large mission in their Cosmic Vision program. Run by the second largest space contractor, Airbus Defense and Space, “JUICE” is expected to launch come 2022. The mission will help us answer the life-long questions like, are there habitats beyond Earth that can sustain life in our solar system? The team will investigate three large and icy ocean-bearing moons: Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. Two concepts will be studied: What conditions are present for the formation of planets? And what conditions are present for life to emerge?

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop will also soon be a reality. The concept was put forth by Elon Musk in 2013. Instead of running on a track, the Hyperloop envisions pressurized capsules moving through reduced-pressure tubes. Electromagnetic capabilities allow the passenger capsule/car to hover above the rails. It is theorized that the passenger car will be able to reach speeds of 750 mph.

These kinds of revolutionary progressions drive the Connectronics’ team and our industry to innovate. We look forward to the new technologies that will come into play in 2018 and will make sure to keep our audience informed as new developments emerge.

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We wish you a very happy holiday season and look forward to being in touch come the new year!

Keeping tabs on miner safety, we’re revisiting the progression on industrial air filters. If you missed our last post highlighting this critical issue, our company is working on valuable solutions to enable clean air in mines, reducing worker exposure to dangerous particles.

Testing is Underway

Our engineers are currently in the process of conducting large-scale tests of the air filter. One aim is to measure the benefits of the new system. The other is to ensure that we are designing the best filter possible for optimal, effective, and lasting end results. The Connectronics connectors have been in place since the beginning of September. They are the source that cleans the air through static electricity within the mine.

How the Filters Work

Underground operations, i.e.) coal mines, generate an enormous amount of dust. Specialized air filters can capture and remove tiny particles to purify the air. Using the filter is straightforward; first, close access to the mine, and then turn on the filter. The filtering system works to carry away dust and dirt particles from the mine. The process results in cleaner air within the workspace and surrounding areas; for example, the cloud over that mining area should dissipate after the filter’s efforts are complete.

Illness Prevention

The air filter prevents dust that would otherwise be in the air from entering the miners’ lungs. Long term, this innovation could stop respiration of contaminated air from developing into potential lung disease.

Before this type of equipment, coal miners typically contracted pneumoconiosis, or miner’s lung/black lung disease. Inhaled dust is trapped within the lung, scarring the tissue, which then culminates into thick scar tissue. This results in coughing, breathing disorders, an influx of phlegm, and even premature death, in severe cases.

As industrial air filters achieve their goals, underground illnesses will no longer be an issue.

Industrial Connectors

At Connectronics, we design, manufacture, install, and service specialized interconnect systems and connectors for a range of industries. Along with providing these components for mining applications, we also work with other industries, including aerospace, defense, medical, oil exploration, and nuclear.

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The annual celebration of modern manufacturing, National Manufacturing Day, is almost here. Landing on the first Friday in October, NMD is an important industry highlight for community groups and companies, including our team at Connectronics Corp. Thus, we are bringing you the details of the day so that you can make the most of it too.

What is National Manufacturing Day?

Manufacturing Day 2017 is Friday, October 6th. At least 2,100+ events across the nation will occur to commemorate all things manufacturing, with the goal to inspire the upcoming generation of manufacturers. It is on this day, organized by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), that manufacturers across the country invite community members into industry facilities to educate them about relevant career opportunities, dispel manufacturing industry myths, and spotlight how manufacturers influence communities.

Since it began in 2012, MFG DAY has seen participation rates significantly increase, from the amount of events to the number of visitors. All 50 US states and Puerto Rico regularly participate in National Manufacturing Day, and the resurgence of US manufacturing as of late is a welcome sight.


MFG DAY’s Implications

In 2016 alone, over 267,000 students took part in MFG DAY. When these students were later surveyed by Deloitte about their experiences, 67 percent expressed increased motivation in seeking a manufacturing career and 84 percent were more convinced that manufacturing offers intriguing, rewarding careers.

This is good news for reshoring enthusiasts, such as NAM, Connectronics, and many other US manufacturers. We support bringing jobs back home. Other National Manufacturing Day initiatives that we align with include bridging the US skills gap and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) learning.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Connectronics Corp. commits to continually providing rugged and dependable connectors and interconnects for a range of commercial and industrial uses, from medical and avionics to radar, stage lighting, oil exploration, and nuclear. We position our quality products and services to exceed customer expectations.

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Here at Connectronics, our main focus is customer service. In order to serve our customers at the highest level, we work to continually improve upon everyday methods. When it comes to organizational tools, a Japanese system called 5S has been shown to increase productivity, while keeping things organized, clean, and constantly improving. We are happy to implement some of these proven successful principals into our company processes and procedures. Here’s the breakdown…

Each “S” stands for the following:

1. Seiri – Sorting, Clearing, and Classifying
2. Seiton – Straightening, Simplifying, Setting in Order, and Configuring
3. Seiso – Sweeping, Shining, Scrubbing, Cleaning and Checking
4. Seiketsu – Standardizing, Stabilizing, Conforming
5. Shitsuke – Sustaining, Self-Discipline, Customizing, and Practicing

These five steps help to organize the workplace and working practices, creating a more efficient way of functioning. In English, the 5S can be roughly translated as Clearing, Configuring, Cleaning & Checking, Conformity & Finality, and Customizing & Practicing. According to the Kaizen Institute, the five steps follow this structure:

Sorting – Distinguishing the difference between what is needed and what isn’t needed in the area
Straightening – Arranging essential items so they are readily available and easy to use, in addition to identifying where items belong and making sure they get back to where they belong when a task is finished
Shining – Cleaning the equipment and workplace to ensure it stays in order and is easy to see anything that may be defective
Standardizing – Repeatedly reviewing the first three standards
Sustaining – Abiding by the rules to ensure standards and met and improvements are continually happening

Here at Connectronics, we look forward to implementing a fine combination of these practices. We are proud to better serve our customers in all industries we work with, such as avionics, aerospace, analytical instruments, defense, industrial, medical, nuclear, radar, oil exploration, and stage lighting.

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Here at Connectronics, we understand the need to keep your employees safe. Safety can go well beyond prevention of injuries and falls; it can include the environment your employees are working in, right down to the air they are breathing in. One industry that continuously faces this struggle is the mining industry. We are currently working on a project in Brazil that requires large industrial filters for coal mining.

Electrostatic filters clean the air through static electricity in the mine. This creates continually clean air, helping workers breathe safely during coal mining. It works like this: as the air in the mine shaft blows through the filters, dust particles cling to the filter eliminating the dust from the air the miners are breathing in. This allows for clean air in what would otherwise be dangerous air to miners’ lungs. Because of this kind of advancement, there is no need for a mask, as the air is safe.

These filters are a huge improvement over previous mining conditions. Miners often lost their lives from breathing in particles like coal dust year after year. Coal miners typically developed pneumoconiosis, also known as black lung disease or miner’s lung, a deadly lung disease that develops over time from coal dust getting into the tissue lining. There the dust becomes trapped and begins to scar, building up thick scar tissue, and leading to a host of symptoms such as difficulty breathing, coughing, and excess phlegm, prior to something as serious as an early death.

At Connectronics, we are proud to contribute to the mining industry by manufacturing needed equipment and components and aiding the mining process. To find out more about our current projects and other industrial projects, we invite you to contact us today, check out our blog, follow us on Twitter, and connect with us on LinkedIn.

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