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UWC Series (4)
Connectronics underwater series connectors offer reliable performance in demanding underwater interconnection applications today. It’s critical water sealing interface, stainless steel hardware, and water sealing over-molding provide excellent underwater environmental protection.


  • O-Ring Sealed interface
  • 300 VDC Operating Voltage
  • Temperature Range -10°C to +80°C
  • Hydrostatic tested to 500 p.s.i.
  • Strain relief over molded
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Interface available in 9
  • Reliable performance

Underwater Cable and Connector Manufacturing

For over three decades, the team at Connectronics has designed and manufactured high quality and reliable specialized connectors and interconnection systems for a number of industries and applications. We work with our customers to develop custom tools to meet their unique needs.

Connectronics is especially proficient in underwater technologies and offers a line of UWC Series underwater connectors, featuring critical water sealing interface, stainless steel hardware, and water sealing over-molding. We create underwater cables and connectors for oil rigs, submersibles, undersea data collection, and more.

Underwater Cables and Connectors from Connectronics

Underwater Cables & ConnectorsConnectronics’ underwater series connectors provide reliable performance in challenging underwater interconnection applications. These connectors provide critical water sealing interface, stainless steel hardware, and water sealing over-molding, ensuring excellent underwater environmental protection.

Our cables maintain their efficiency in temperatures ranging from -10º C to 80º C, have an operating voltage of 300 VDC, are hydrostatic-tested to 500 PSI, and have an interface available in 9 and 20 pin set-ups.

Receptacle assemblies can be ordered as kits or terminated with a wire to meet your specific requirements. Plug assemblies are pre-terminated with a cable, but various custom cable configurations are available. We also offer a variety of connectors to connect the underwater assemblies to PC board jumper pins and I/O devices.

Our cables and connectors are used across a variety of underwater applications, including:

  • Sensors
  • Data collection
  • Oceanographic
  • Power and Data Network Interfacing
  • Submersibles
  • Oil Rigs

Custom Underwater Cables and Connectors

Connectronics specializes in custom cable and connector design and manufacturing for undersea applications. To fulfill the needs of our clients, we use the following process:

  1. Develop a customer’s “Wants and Needs” profile during the concept phase
  2. Model critical parameters in order to evaluate the design.
  3. Utilize our expertise with CNC machining to produce accurate, high quality prototype parts through full-scale production
  4. Inspect, test, and validate critical features and processes to highlight any issues and ensure that correct controls for critical features are in place
  5. Deploy our highly-skilled technicians to build your assemblies to your specifications
  6. Validate mechanical and electrical characteristics to both internal and customer standards
  7. Provide quality customer service even after delivery to maintain our expected level of excellence


Connectronics for Your Underwater Cables and Connectors

Connectronics is an AS9100D with ISO9000-2015 certified company that provides high quality underwater cables and connectors that meet our customers’ exact specifications while maintaining strong customer satisfaction. With questions about our products and services or to start working with Connectronics, contact us or request a quote today.