Forget Japan’s bullet trains or Europe’s high-speed rail services. The proposed Hyperloop, a supersonic train, will leave all those other trains in the dust. If you haven’t yet heard of the Hyperloop, let us fill you in.

The Hyperloop concept was put forth by Elon Musk in 2013. Instead of a train car running on a track, the Hyperloop envisions pressurized capsules moving through reduced-pressure tubes. Think of the old-time vacuum tubes at the bank. The papers you put into the plastic capsule were sucked up into a tube to be received by the teller. Only this system is much more intricate, superfast, and will transport people.

It works in this way: With almost all air removed from the vacuum tube, passengers ride in a capsule that is pushed through the tube by a series of electromagnets. The electromagnetic capabilities allow the passenger capsule/car to hover above the rails. Low air pressure means little friction between the tube and the capsule. It is theorized that the passenger car would be able to reach speeds of 750 mph. The commute from Los Angeles to San Diego would only take 30 minutes! The electromagnetic energy, the main source of propulsion, uses minimal energy and is only required for about 5% of the track. No other energy is needed after reaching speeds of 750 mph because the car will glide for about 100 miles. This system is extremely energy efficient.

Developers are moving quickly to create a working system. Prototype and test systems are being built by three companies, and teams are working on designing the passenger car. In fact, Hyperloop Technologies just performed the first public test of their technology and are planning to test a full sized system by the end of the year.

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