High Voltage Manufacturing Services from Connectronics

Connectronics has designed and manufactured connectors and interconnection systems for a variety of purposes for more than 30 years. We serve industries ranging from oil and gas to entertainment, with a dedication to building equipment that lasts. Our AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certifications give our clients additional assurances about the quality of our products and processes.

We specialize in creating reliable electronic components that can handle harsh operating environments. Our rugged components can handle:

  • Voltages up to 60 KVDC
  • Elevations up to 70,000 feet
  • Temperatures ranging from -55 °C to 150 °C
  • Most common environmental hazards.

We make each device from materials that meet or exceed military standards and can be field assembled if needed.

High Voltage Connector Design

To be considered high voltage, voltage levels must meet at least one of these two conditions:

  • A high probability of arcing
  • Considerable risk of electrical shock through contact or proximity

Voltage levels typically meet these conditions above approximately 35,000 volts. High voltage levels need specialized equipment that can handle the electrical load and mitigate the inherent danger. It’s critical to consider every element of a high voltage connector’s design to provide the best possible performance and protection.

Three important design considerations include:

1. Shielding

Connectors need properly rated insulation to contain high voltage levels. Connectors are often used in complex electronic systems, so they also need shielding designed to prevent interference from the voltage into other electronic components and pathways.

2. Safety

Standard connectors typically lack the proper materials or durability to withstand higher voltage levels. When faced with voltage that exceeds their rating, low-voltage connectors may degrade very quickly and melt, malfunction, or otherwise increase the risk of a fire. Safety-minded high-voltage designs reduce those risks by ensuring every component can handle the maximum likely voltage. Our connectors also create a barrier between any elements that will carry electricity and human users or handlers.

3. Creepage and Clearance Distances

Higher creepage and clearance distances assist in maintaining high voltage levels. Our products take advantage of this by increasing these distances as much as possible while still creating minimal packaging or material waste.

Custom High Voltage Connectors

At Connectronics, our team provides custom engineering and design services to create specialized high-voltage connectors that perfectly suit your project needs. Our electrical engineering specialists will work with your team to create, develop, and test a connector design. We’ll create prototypes and inspect test models until we determine the product will meet the needs of your operation. Then we will produce, assemble, and validate the parts before delivering them to you. Even after delivery, our team will be there to provide support and in-house customer service.

See our Engineering Design and Testing page for more details.

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Industries Served

At Connectronics, we’re proud to serve an extensive range of sectors that need connectors they can rely on for optimal performance and durability. These industries include:

  • Aerospace
  • Analytical instruments
  • Avionics
  • Medical
  • Nuclear
  • Oil exploration
  • Radar
  • Stage lighting
  • Underwater

High Voltage Connectors for Your Project

High voltage connectors need robust materials, designs, and assembly processes to perform safely in extreme conditions and handle high voltages. At Connectronics, our connectors resist damage from temperature extremes, shock and vibration, corona, radiation, and high elevations. When you need something more specialized than our standard assemblies, our engineering team can help create, test, and produce customized high voltage connectors.

Contact us or request a quote today to see how our high-voltage connectors can support your equipment.