Custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses are designed to meet the power and transmission needs of specialized electronic setups. At Connectronics, we design and manufacture fully customized connectors and interconnection systems ranging from simple cables to complex assemblies. We provide turnkey solutions to meet specific requirements of clients across different industries. Learn more about our custom products and manufacturing process.


Custom Cable Assembly and Wire Harnesses

A cable assembly is a collection of wires and cables enclosed within an exterior sleeve. A wire harness encases a single cable within a sleeve. Both types of cable covers protect important hardware from environmental conditions.

Custom Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies are essential for connecting the systems and components of electronic devices. Using a custom assembly instead of modifying multiple standard assemblies can simplify installation and maintenance. Plus, you can be sure each part is appropriately rated for the needs of the connected equipment. Connectronics offers custom cable assemblies available in different configurations, lengths, sizes, constructions, colors, and voltage capacities.

Custom Wire Harnesses

We also offer complete wire harness design and construction services. Our team can select the right materials based on the unique environmental risks of your project, such as exposure to the outdoors, physical wear, and temperature changes. Along with design and assembly, we offer:

  • Stripping
  • Crimping
  • Labeling
  • Tie-wrapping
  • Finishing services, like logo embedding

We serve the following industries and applications with high-performance, durable custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses:

  • Aerospace and avionics
  • Medical
  • Nuclear
  • Oil and gas
  • Radar technology
  • Stage lighting
  • Underwater

The Engineering and Design Process

At Connectronics, we partner with each client to understand their unique equipment and specifications before building a custom solution just for them. Here are some of the key factors we consider:

  • The power and transmission requirements for each piece of connected equipment
  • The client’s needs regarding ease of use, safety, and durability
  • Potential environmental factors: indoors or outdoors, amount of foot traffic or other physical impacts, pressure levels
  • Safety or industry regulations

After consulting with the client, our design and engineering team will create computer-aided design models to illustrate the final product, making adjustments as needed. Then we construct prototypes of your assemblies or harnesses with high-quality materials. Once the final design is approved, we move to the production and inspection stages.
We manage every stage of manufacturing in-house to maintain consistent quality control. Following final delivery, our customer service agents remain in contact with customers to answer questions or resolve potential issues.

Partner With Connectronics as Your Custom Cable Assembly and Wire Harness Manufacturers

Connectronics is a leading custom connector and cable assembly manufacturer. We tailor-make every product to safely and reliably perform to your standards. Our team of technicians has over 300 years of collective experience designing, developing, testing, and building high-quality electrical assemblies. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities and areas of expertise, or request a quote to start your custom build.