A wire to board connector joins a wire to a printed circuit board (PCB) so that circuits can transfer signals to each other. These electronic connectors use a header
and receptacle to connect to the PCB or to cable harnesses. The circuit board has pins that are either surface mounted or soldered through-hole.

Connectronics designs and manufactures wire to board connectors and other interconnection systems, including high-current connectors for demanding electronic applications. Our selection of high-current connectors are available in several designs, sizes, and current ratings and can operate from sea level to 10,000

Industrial and commercial markets—including aerospace, defense, oil exploration, and lighting—rely on our cable connectors and interconnection systems for crucial
electrical and electronic equipment. Learn more about the types of wire to board connectors we offer and their benefits and applications.

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Connectronics’ Wire to Board Connector Types

Connectronics provides a wide selection of wire to board connectors, including:

  • SCID connector series: SCID connectors are economical and small but yield superior high-voltage and corona-resistant protection. Their one-piece molded design and interfacial seal prevents entry of air, contaminants, and moisture for proper mating and operation. For more details, visit our SCID product page.
  • MIDGI connector series: MIDGI connectors are one of the smallest, high-voltage corona-resistant interconnections on the market. Designed with one-piece molded construction and a locking interfacial seal, MIDGI connectors are low-cost, reliable, and provide optimal mating retention. For more information, view our MIDGI product page.
  • Micro-MIDGI connector series: Micro-MIDGI connectors offer high-voltage, corona-resistant interconnection. They’re the smallest molded one-piece connectors that have protective interfacial seals. The Micro-MIDGI series offers reliability, secure mating, and high-quality operation at an affordable price. To learn more, view our Micro-MIDGI product page.
  • CPW high voltage series: CPW connectors are economical and designed for quality performance where space and weight are key considerations. The ”upset O-ring” interface maintains optimal performance in extreme temperatures from -54 °C to 125 °C and altitudes up to 70,000 feet. For more details, view our CPW product page.

Uses of Wire to Board Connectors

Wire to board connectors are a simple, secure, and cost-effective solution for routing power between separate PCBs. They have different designs depending on application needs, which include uses in the automotive, industrial, telecommunication, and industrial lighting sectors.

Superior Wire to Board Connectors at Connectronics

As a leader in the design and manufacture of specialized wire to board connectors and interconnection systems, Connectronics provides the most reliable connectors at affordable rates. Our connectors offer superior mating retention for high-voltage solutions as well as micro options for PCBs.

Connectronics offers multi-pin assemblies and electronic connectors for aerospace, entertainment lighting, commercial, industrial, medical, oil exploration, and nuclear power applications. Our expert staff develops high-voltage connectors to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

See our entire product catalog of wire to board connectors. To discuss your high-voltage, wire to board connector needs, contact us today. If you’re ready to start your order, please request a quote.