The excitement of new possibilities always presents Connectronics Blog Feb. 2016itself as we start the new year. It is also a time to plan for future events and prepare for how we will tackle upcoming challenges. Since making connections is what we do, we always have the knowledge to connect the industry to the power it needs.

Our focus on the aerospace and military industries will continue throughout the year as we remain committed to meeting the needs of such a high tech industry. Both industries expect to see continued growth as more manufacturing and innovations continue throughout the year. As technology increases, we will be ready to deliver products for the measurement systems used to keep operations running optimally and safely.

As we discussed in a previous post, specialized electronic systems require state-of-the-art components to handle the multiple functions of innovative aerospace and military designs. Heading into 2016, we are working on expanding our product lines to tackle even more technologically advanced electronics. For example, our SCID series is a redesigned connector system that runs at 30 KVDC operating voltage to handle higher operating conditions. The Nano MIGI hardnose connector is also redesigned to improve the functionality of this high voltage connector.

Wiremax, a Connectronics brand, will also continue to produce the high voltage products that companies have relied upon for years. Wire and cable options from Wiremax, such as Tuffsil Silicon Wire, SIL-Koat Wire, and high voltage wire products can be found on both the Connectronics and Wiremax websites. Ordering is available from both Toledo manufacturing facilities.

We are looking forward to continued success in supplying the specialized connectors and interconnection systems for aerospace and defense industry measurements systems. The radar systems, mass spectrometry units, specialized helmets, and all the other analytical instruments required to deliver efficient and effective operations can rely on the continued dependability of Connectronics and Wiremax components.

From all of us at Connectronics, we wish you a happy new year!

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