Earth Day, the yearly celebration of environmental consciousness and conservation, was this past Friday. Following our company, you might wonder how electronic connectors and interfaces protect the environment. The experts at Connectronics are here to explain.

Without products such as connectors, equipment monitoring and analyzing ecological systems simply wouldn’t work. Such high value products depend on the high quality and reliability of interconnect products such as the systems we supply at Connectronics.

Yellow Springs Instruments (YSI) is a company that we’ve teamed up with long term. YSI has been an innovator for over 60 years, producing precision measurement and testing instruments. Today, YSI is the leading developer and supplier of water sampling and monitoring solutions.

The electronic products YSI manufactures must withstand tough conditions. Water sampling and monitoring equipment require cables and connectors that will not fail in, or be damaged by, water. Many of their instruments have a probe/sensor that is immersed in a body of water to measure criteria such as dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, ORP, salinity, and temperature. As a partner of YSI, Connectronics supplies the necessary underwater connectors for the job, with water sealing interfaces, stainless steel hardware, and water sealing over-molding for consistent and reliable performances.

The instruments YSI delivers to their customers help a wide range of industries make sure water is nontoxic. Applications such as groundwater, wastewater, ocean, coastal, and hydraulic fracturing tests provide high-resolution water quality data to prove accurate details on the condition of these specific areas. Protecting the environment is what Earth Day stands for. Instruments from YSI, with components from Connectronics, make the Earth Day ideals that we all strive for come to life year long. Contact us today for any questions you may have.