Connectronics is a premier designer and manufacturer of high-quality cable connectors and interconnection systems specializing in solutions for demanding applications. One of our core product offerings is high-current connectors.

We offer a broad selection of high-current connectors in various designs, current ratings, and sizes. Key features include operating capacities for environments at sea level to 10,000 feet and capabilities for factory or field assembly. These products are used throughout the industrial and commercial sectors in the electrical and electronic equipment of a wide range of industries, including aerospace, defense, lighting, and oil exploration.

Standard High-Current Connectors From Connectronics

We provide two standard high-current connector lines: the Flash Lamp series and Safety Lock series. These products offer reliable and safe performance in high-current applications.

Flash Lamp Series

Our Flash Lamp series high-current connectors are a cost-effective solution for applications that require compact, lightweight, and/or temperature-resistant connectors. Equipped with MULTILAM band technology, they process higher current ratings with lower temperature rise than standard contacts. Other key features include operating voltages through 12 KVDC and operating temperature range of -40° C to +175° C at altitudes up to 10,000 feet above sea level. They are available in stackable or threaded designs and 4 mm, 5, mm, 5.5 mm, and 6 mm sizes with options for silicone rubber overmolding for higher voltage barrier characteristics.

For additional information about our Flash Lamp series, check out the product page.

Safety Lock Series

Our Safety Lock series high-current connectors allow for safe power distribution of high voltages (600 VDC) in temperatures ranging from -65° C to +150° C and at altitudes up to 10,000 feet above sea level. They have a single-pin connector design with a first in/last out ground safety feature that prevents improper connection to power until the ground and neutral connections are made and premature disconnection of the ground and neutral connections until all power is cut. Other key features include machined aluminum shells with a corrosion-resistant anodized finish, rank mountable input and output panels, and self-wiping contact area. They are available in 200 AMP and 400 AMP variations with options for 2/0 or 4/0 cables and basketweave grips over the wires to relieve strain on the plug assemblies.

For additional information about our Safety Lock series, check out the product page.

Custom High-Current Connectors From Connectronics

Infographic Describing High Current Connector Design ConsiderationsIn addition to our standard high-current connector products, we offer engineering design and testing services for custom high-current connectors. We understand that every electrical and electronic system may have different requirements, which is why we take into account each customer’s unique wants and needs to ensure we develop the right solution for their application.

Some of the key considerations to keep in mind when choosing a custom high-current connector solution are:

  • Electrical Current Requirements: The current and voltage requirements for each contact determine many of the connector’s design elements. For example, the required current rating influences the wire and contact sizing, while the required voltage rating affects the contact spacing and insulation material.
  • Mechanical and Environmental Factors: The mechanical and environmental conditions to which the connector will be exposed affect how it should be designed and constructed. Temperature, moisture, vibration, shock, and other factors will influence what design elements (e.g., housing type) will be needed to protect the connection and connector itself during operation.
  • Termination Types: There are many termination types available, such as soldered, crimped, wire-wrapped, direct, and loop or eye. The ideal type for an application depends on the cable’s type, size, and voltage/current capacity.

To learn more about our custom connector solutions, check out our engineering design and testing page.

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Superior Connector and Interconnect Solutions at Connectronics

High-current connectors play an essential role in a variety of high-current electrical and electronic systems. Whether you’re looking for a low-cost solution for applications where space, weight, and temperature are critical or a reliable and safe solution for high-voltage power distribution applications, Connectronics has got you covered. With over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing specialized connectors and interconnect systems, we have the knowledge and skills needed to produce high-quality standard or custom solutions for nearly any application.

To find out more about our high-current connectors, check out the catalog page. To discuss your application requirements with one of our experts, contact us or request a quote today.