On the first Friday in October the U.S. celebrates National Manufacturing Day. That Manufacturing Day Imagebeing said, we have a lot to celebrate in the manufacturing industry 2015. Manufacturing Day is “a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers […] Although Manufacturing Day officially occurs on the first Friday in October… any day can be a Manufacturing Day.”

NAM (the National Association of Manufacturers) declares that hundreds of Manufacturing Day events were planned this year. As in previous years, Manufacturing Day events celebrate what’s happening in all types of industries, and the events planned for the day offer the next generation of workers an insider’s view of what’s happening behind the scenes. There’s a lot going on in U.S. manufacturing this year, including re-shoring, more manufacturing jobs, exciting careers, and the possible start of “the next industrial revolution!”

A recent TechCrunch article reports, “The ‘Industrial Internet’ is poised to overhaul the way companies manufacture goods, in turn changing our everyday interactions with products.” Sounds futuristic and exciting, doesn’t it?!

There’s more about manufacturing that everyone can be excited about right now, like reshoring and the increase of jobs. Recently, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that manufacturers added 15,000 new workers in July. This is the fastest pace in six months and offered evidence that activity in the manufacturing sector is growing.

Reshoring is also happening at a rapid pace, and it’s a win-win for everyone here in the U.S. Forbes reported that “the data shows that U.S. factories have become more competitive in recent years; offshoring is fading and reshoring is making gains.” More U.S. companies who have previously outsourced overseas are moving their manufacturing operations back to the U.S. Thankfully, Connectronics has been on the receiving end of reshoring and we’re experiencing the benefits first-hand. Several of our customers have brought their work back to us, and back to the U.S., after outsourcing to other countries.

Yes, manufacturers and close-knit industries have a lot to celebrate on Manufacturing Day this year! Our blog today focuses on only several reasons to celebrate; however, there is so much more to be proud of and celebrate in the industry! As manufacturers of specialized connectors and interconnection systems for all types of industries, all of us at Connectronics will be celebrating too.

Happy Manufacturing Day from Connectronics!