This month, we will be adding a new molding machine for silicone processing to our operations at Connectronics. Once in place and ready to run, the machine will expand our capabilities to provide specialized electronic connectors for the industries we serve. The list consists of: aerospace, defense, entertainment, medical, energy industries and more. The new molding machine will give us high-power production capabilities on site and enable us to keep up with the increasing demand for rubber insulators and other molded parts for our customers.

Our new molding machine is manufactured by ARBURG, a German manufacturer of machinery and technology for plastics processing. ARBURG says their molding machines feature “innovative, cost effective high-end injection molding technology […] to help you reduce unit costs and produce parts conveniently and flexibly […] with an extremely high level of precision.” At Connectronics, we’re looking forward to the cost and time-saving features our new molding machine will offer us. Features include:

• High-precision injection and holding New Mold Machine Imagepressure performance
• Energy efficiency
• Cycle-time reduction
• Flexibility through its pivoting clamping unit, and
• Ease-of-operation.

In the end, these features will also provide value and high-quality end results to our customers.

Our investment in this new molding machine is just the latest example of our mission to provide value to our customers. It also reflects our company’s commitment and continuous improvement philosophy. At Connectronics, we are dedicated to providing innovative designs and solutions for customers from all industries who are looking for electronic connectors and interconnection systems for a variety of applications. If you have any questions about our new molding machine, or about our capabilities, please reach out to us through email or call us at 800-965-0020.

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