Here at Connectronics, we understand the need to keep your employees safe. Safety can go well beyond prevention of injuries and falls; it can include the environment your employees are working in, right down to the air they are breathing in. One industry that continuously faces this struggle is the mining industry. We are currently working on a project in Brazil that requires large industrial filters for coal mining.

Electrostatic filters clean the air through static electricity in the mine. This creates continually clean air, helping workers breathe safely during coal mining. It works like this: as the air in the mine shaft blows through the filters, dust particles cling to the filter eliminating the dust from the air the miners are breathing in. This allows for clean air in what would otherwise be dangerous air to miners’ lungs. Because of this kind of advancement, there is no need for a mask, as the air is safe.

These filters are a huge improvement over previous mining conditions. Miners often lost their lives from breathing in particles like coal dust year after year. Coal miners typically developed pneumoconiosis, also known as black lung disease or miner’s lung, a deadly lung disease that develops over time from coal dust getting into the tissue lining. There the dust becomes trapped and begins to scar, building up thick scar tissue, and leading to a host of symptoms such as difficulty breathing, coughing, and excess phlegm, prior to something as serious as an early death.

At Connectronics, we are proud to contribute to the mining industry by manufacturing needed equipment and components and aiding the mining process. To find out more about our current projects and other industrial projects, we invite you to contact us today, check out our blog, follow us on Twitter, and connect with us on LinkedIn.