This year has been a continued series of industry connections to advance new technologies both at Connectronics and other related sectors. Some of the top innovations we’ve noted throughout 2017 include: air filters to keep miners safe, JUICE, and Hyperloop.

Internally, our team has taken on a project for large air filters in coal mining. Without top of the line air filters, miners are exposed to contaminated air from dirt and dust particles. Without advances in air filters, coal miners can contract diseases like pneumoconiosis, or miner’s lung/black lung disease, from unfiltered air. Our specialized air filters capture and remove tiny particles to purify the air making underground illnesses a thing of the past. The system carries away particles from the mine resulting in cleaner air within both the workspace and surrounding area. For more information on our underground air filters, read our November 2017 filter updates.

Externally, we’ve been keeping an eye on two major industries that we serve: aerospace and transportation. As we last reported on in August, the ESA has been busy working on a large mission in their Cosmic Vision program. Run by the second largest space contractor, Airbus Defense and Space, “JUICE” is expected to launch come 2022. The mission will help us answer the life-long questions like, are there habitats beyond Earth that can sustain life in our solar system? The team will investigate three large and icy ocean-bearing moons: Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. Two concepts will be studied: What conditions are present for the formation of planets? And what conditions are present for life to emerge?

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop will also soon be a reality. The concept was put forth by Elon Musk in 2013. Instead of running on a track, the Hyperloop envisions pressurized capsules moving through reduced-pressure tubes. Electromagnetic capabilities allow the passenger capsule/car to hover above the rails. It is theorized that the passenger car will be able to reach speeds of 750 mph.

These kinds of revolutionary progressions drive the Connectronics’ team and our industry to innovate. We look forward to the new technologies that will come into play in 2018 and will make sure to keep our audience informed as new developments emerge.

To stay in the loop on field advancements like air filters, JUICE, and Hyperloop continue to follow us on our blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. For any questions simply contact us today.

We wish you a very happy holiday season and look forward to being in touch come the new year!

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