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In extreme environments, connectors need extra protection. Various applications within the military, offshore, commercial, and industrial industries are exposed to harsh conditions such as high pressures and altitudes, temperature variations, extreme depths, corrosive materials, moisture, vibration, and more. Hermetically sealed connectors are specially designed to stand up to these and other challenges.

Hermetic connectors prevent air, gases, and liquids from entering the vacuum-sealed interior. In testing, they must be able to withstand pressures of 10,000 psi and higher while ensuring a stable pressure differential both inside and outside the assembly. They must also show no detectable gas or fluid leakage.

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Advantages of Hermetic Sealed Connectors

Advantages of Hermetic Connectors

Hermetically sealed connectors can protect against a wide range of conditions that would otherwise cause damage. These include:

  • Thermal shock
  • Humidity
  • High altitude
  • Vibration
  • Extreme temperatures

The right connectors can stand up to temperatures that range from -100° C to 200°C without suffering damage from thermal shock. They can also maintain a stable pressure differential under pressures of 10,000 psi or more. Your intensive applications require connections that perform no matter what the environment.

How Are Hermetically Sealed Connectors Constructed?

When constructing hermetically sealed connectors, the connectors can use stranded or solid plated copper conductors, as well as insulated conductors. They may also contain brass, copper, or nickel iron pin contacts and fiber optic cables. Most are made of durable metals such as stainless steel, glass, and nickel iron, as these materials are capable of withstanding harsh environments. If weight is a concern, aluminum alloy shells can be used, which can reduce the weight of the connector significantly.

Most hermetically sealed connectors are glass sealed. This is because glass creates a rigid form that the metal shell compresses against, resulting in a hermetic seal. The glass is bonded to and provides support for the contacts. In some cases, glass can create excessive weight. In these applications, epoxy seals are used instead.

Applications of Hermetically Sealed Connectors

Many industries and applications rely on various measuring, sensing, and control systems for their operations. From navigation systems and power generation to medical implants and laser technology, these systems require components that can operate in extreme environments while retaining their original properties and offering reliable, error-free performance. Hermetically sealed connectors stand up to some of the most demanding applications.

Industries that benefit from hermetically sealed connectors include:

  • Military/aerospace/defense
  • Transportation
  • Energy production
  • Industrial
  • Medical

Hermetically Sealed Connectors from Connectronics

The right hermetically sealed connectors can stand up to the stresses of your application. At Connectronics, we design and build hermetically sealed connectors capable of withstanding a wide range of harsh conditions. Our state-of-the-art environmental and electrical testing equipment allows us to test all of our connectors to ensure they meet the requirements of your application while providing reliable operation and long service life. To view our product offerings, visit our product catalog. For help finding the best hermetically sealed connector for your unique requirements, contact the experts at Connectronics today, and we’d be happy to discuss your application.

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