Independence day. flag usaIn the last few years, consumers have begun to question the origins of their products. Realizing the importance of our past manufacturing history and our current economic and industrial issues has caused consumers to look for and request products made in the U.S. by their neighbors, friends, and relatives.

As we celebrate the month the U.S. declared itself a free nation, we’d like to reflect on the American manufacturing industry. This once vital economic powerhouse was the backbone of our nation. Up until the 1960s, most products consumers needed were made in this country. Henry Ford revolutionized manufacturing with the assembly line and American workers were at the forefront of the manufacturing revolution.

The turning point came when overseas manufacturers offered cheaper services and lower costs to produce goods. The U.S. manufacturing industry shifted production to foreign plants and the industry in this country shrank, taking with it economic opportunities for the country and the workforce. This is beginning to turn around again as manufacturing opportunities in our nation are once again profitable against foreign facilities and consumers are noticing, and taking an interest in, where their products are made.

Known as reshoring, more companies are bringing their manufacturing operations back to the U.S. According to the Reshoring Initiative, the American manufacturing industry has seen an increase of over 500,000 jobs created since the recession. The trend is continuing as retailers make an effort to provide customers with products “Made in the USA,” which consumers report they would buy over foreign made goods. Wal-Mart has taken up this reshoring initiative by holding open call events for manufacturers to pitch their Made in America products to the retail giant.

Although the intentions are there, reshoring products from overseas facilities isn’t easy. Working with Connectors ImageThere are many challenges to overcome and there are many factors that must be considered. With the help of corporations’ willingness to highlight goods made in the U.S. and the government programs such as Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnerships, homegrown manufacturers have more opportunities than ever for continued growth.

At Connectronics, we understand the American manufacturing sector and the benefits of making products here at home. Our connectors and interconnection systems are proudly Made in the USA by professionals with over 300 years of combined interconnect experience. Serving a wide variety of industries, our expertise covers high voltage interconnects for the defense industry to connectors for stage and entertainment lighting.

With manufacturing facilities here at home, our customers value the exceptional quality and service we can deliver. For the highest value American made connectors, cable assemblies, and interconnection systems, look no further than Connectronics Corp. For past information on American manufacturing read our October, 2014 blog post.

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