Supplying the parts needed to fulfill the requirements of defense industry equipment mustApache Longbow be handled by those who understand what is at stake. Today’s military and civilian security products range from aircraft to weapons systems and all contain advanced electronic components. As electronics have become integral parts of all types of defense systems, the contractors supplying the parts and components are integral also.

As a leading manufacturer of specialized connectors and interconnection systems, we deliver the expertise to supply high voltage interconnections for the defense industry. Innovative designs and solutions are provided to each and every customer and we have capabilities that provide outstanding value through reliable and durable connectors.

Our products are widely used throughout civilian and defense aerospace and avionics fields. High-voltage connectors for the defense industry ensure corona resistant operation in altitude and temperature extremes. Able to withstand the most demanding applications with reliable performance, our connectors are available in many series to meet specific requirements. Operating temperatures range from -55°C to +125°C and altitudes from sea level to 70,000 ft.

To deliver world-class products takes world-class professionals. At Connectronics we offer our customers over 300 years worth of combined professional experience in designing and manufacturing connector and interconnect devices. Engineering design and development relies on extracting customer ‘wants and needs’ using modeling to review and evaluate designs, perform engineering analysis, and manufacture of tooling and fixtures. In-process inspection during the manufacturing process ensures all critical features are correct and in place and assemblies are built to exacting standards.

We realize the importance of high voltage equipment and the demanding requirements placed upon our connection systems. With in-house customer service, we are always able to answer any questions. We are confident in our high-quality products and our ability to meet the requirements of the defense industry.

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