Material handling is a large component of the manufacturing industry. Moving raw materials and finished goods through production and after assembly involves various methods, systems, and equipment. Automated material handling solutions are a large part of today’s manufacturing environment and is comprised of innovative products designed on improving competitiveness in fast growing markets.

One company making headlines in material handling applications is Grabit. This new startup utilizes electroadhesion technology that is ideal for handling delicate and difficult to grasp parts without needing custom or part-specific components. Patented Grabit Image 1electroadhesion is a disruptive technology that is highly flexible and provides gentle handling with uniform and non-compressive grasping. The reduced complexity of this system means lighter duty robots can be employed throughout the facility without the need for vacuum hoses and pumps.

Electroadhesion uses electrons on the top surface of grippers that are programmed to match the product that needs to be moved. The programmable gripper can handle a wide variety of products and sizes with ease. We were very impressed with the demo of the product. It could move 1 piece of material at a time and then be easily reprogrammed to move 3 pieces at one time. It effortlessly kept up with demand.

When a new technology enters the market it is often difficult to determine if it will be have an impact on current methods. Well, Grabit’s grippers and fixture solutions Grabit Image 2are sure to improve efficiencies in manufacturing and warehouse automation. The well designed and manufactured components include panel grippers, Each Pick (for unwrapped products), case picking solutions, and smart conveyors, all of which are supported by high voltage cables and connectors provided by Connectronics!

We are proud to be contributing to the success of this startup by working with Grabit to offer the market a new solution to improve automated material handling solutions. As a high tech but, low energy system, the electroadhesion technology supports adding collaborative robots into current systems and improving manufacturing operations across a broad range of industries.

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