Look around and nearly any place you encounter will have specialized connectors, cables and interconnection systems, many of which weSpecialized Connectors Oct. Blog 2 manufacture at Connectronics. Why are they so common? Connectors, cables, and interconnection systems are used in just about every industry and the wide range of applications within each. Connectors, cable assemblies and interconnection systems are used on land, underwater, in the sky, and beyond to outer space.

Take a look at some of the examples we’ve pulled from the many places you can find them:

On land: Connectronics products are components of heavy vehicle simulators (HVS), complex cable systems and instrumentation used in a variety of industries, including science-related industries such as: research sciences, pharmaceutical and biotech. Components and connectors can be found in mass spectrometers, which measure and weigh molecules, and the pharmaceutical industry. This industry uses our connectors in quality control (QC) systems to ensure the purity of pharmaceutical products. More examples of the wide range of applications for Connectronics products also include: titanium smelting plants, nuclear reactor systems in the energy sector, and stage lighting for the entertainment industry.

In water: To measure and monitor water quality, biologists and municipalities all over the world use Yellow Spring Instruments, which include Connectronics components. Our underwater cables and connectors are used for offshore oil exploration too!

Up above: Connectronics manufactures high voltage connectors and avionics for the commercial and military aviation industries. You’ll also find our products in radar systems used on private jets and other aircrafts. The aerospace industry also utilizes our systems for airport traffic control and communication. Our connectors and cable assemblies are also in space. We build cable assemblies for xenon-ion propulsion thrusters that are onboard space-bound satellites, abiding by special requirements for aerospace cable assemblies. Systems must be able to operate in extreme temperatures. They must also offer reliability throughout the lifespan of a satellite mission.

Learn more about our company, our products and the industries we serve by visiting our website. If you have any questions, call us at 800-965-0020 or email us at info@connectronicscorp.com.

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