It seems like a “duh” moment now, but safety wasn’t always a priority in the workplace or on the roads. Remember back before seat belts, GFCI outlets, and OSHA? Safety was a reaction to a problem not a forethought. In some instances that is still the case but it is more sensible to think about risks and problems before they happen. One organization, the National Safety Council makes it their mission to raise awareness of the idea that “safety is no accident.”

Since it is June and we are talking about safety, our personal area of expertise is the safe use of electrical devices. Ever since electricity was invented, people have been getting hurt. Preventing electrical shock is a top priority in systems running on high voltages and amp. In the 1990s there was a successful push for electrical safety regulations. These regulations have prevented accidental deaths due to electrocution. When safety systems are in place and used properly, that’s when people are protected.

In response to regulations, we developed the Safety Lock Series that permits safe handling Safety Lock Image 1of powerful electrical connections. Proper power distribution is the prime issue for safety. Controlling the power through a “first-in/last out” ground safety feature makes it difficult to improperly connect any power until connection between the ground and neutral has been made. There is no easy way to tamper with or bypass this system as the ground and neutral connections cannot be disconnected until all other power lines are disconnected. This system can be used in the field or in stationary panel boards and no special tools or maintenance is required.

The safety lock power distribution system from Connectronics meets military specifications and has been proven reliable under severe conditions. This system offers protection when using permanent, temporary, or emergency electrical connections such as in generators, film or sports lighting, construction, military operations, or carnivals.

In honor of safety month, remember that when using powerful electrical devices it’s safety first! Contact Connectronics to learn more about our products and services.

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