As we know, water and electricity don’t mix. In fact, it is a deadly and disastrous combination; however, there are many applications that require electrical equipment to be in or near water. It is imperative that the right equipment is used to provide effectiveness and safety as a result of this factor.

One of our most specialized cable and connector series is designed and manufactured to UWC Series Connectorsmeet the requirements of underwater applications. With a critical water sealing interface, the UWC Series provides the reliable performance needed in underwater cables and connectors. Featuring stainless steel hardware and water sealing over-molding, our components are the first choice for a wide range of industries, including water treatment to scientific research.

It is our work with numerous industry professionals that allows us to understand the specific and precise needs of working in a water environment. In a previous post we touched on our partnership with Yellow Springs Instruments (YSI). YSI develops global water monitoring solutions for clients concerned with climate change, drought, floods, clean drinking water, healthy ecosystems, and storm water runoff. Our 20-year connection (pun intended) has enabled YSI to develop instruments and data collection platforms for environmental testing and monitoring.

In order for these instruments to work effectively, the connectors must be secure and reliable. That is why YSI has chosen Connectronics as a partner. Our connectors can meet the needs of demanding underwater conditions. The cables have PVC insulation, a foil shield, polyurethane jacket and the plug, itself, is insulated with neoprene rubber. With a proper seal, the glass-filled epoxy, insulated receptacle, and stainless steel connector all work together to ensure that the connections are protected against water infiltration.

Applications for YSI and Connectronics equipment hit close to home as Ohio faces water
crisis’ such as blooming algae that threatens the water in Lake Erie. Last year was the first year the local area started to monitor the Lake Erie Algae Image 2water quality and found large concentrations of blue-green algae. This ongoing threat continues to be a cause of concern for “conservation groups and Ohio business, farming, and government officials.” As an Ohio native business, we are just as concerned and have a stake in handling this issue successfully.

As the old saying goes, “Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.” With the monitoring solutions of YSI and the interconnection components supplied by Connectronics, we feel confident that reliable and valuable information will be available to scientists, officials, and policymakers for a solution to keeping the water in oceans, streams, and lakes safe.

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