For the past two decades the trade-off between sustainability and economic prosperity has been used as the leverage to pass regulations that flagrantly overlook the health of the environment.

Most governing bodies seem to accept the fact that growth comes with collateral damage and that damage is to be largely borne by the planet we inhabit.

But thankfully the lackadaisical attitude in some quarters is balanced by a

genuine desire to reduce-reuse-recycle, while building a bigger and better tomorrow. And the global celebration of the Earth Day bears testament to this drive!

Do You Celebrate the Earth Day?

Natural Landscape

Industrial Sustainability

If you go by dates April 22nd of every year is commemorated as The Earth Day.

In 1970 millions of US citizens woke up to the realization that their well being as a nation is dependent on the well-being of the environment. They took to the streets, marching to protest inconsiderate policies, marching to protest blatant industrial pollution and marching to protect the planet.

The legacy is now honoured by billions all over the world who dispense education, hold workshops and boot camps and in general celebrate going green in a bid to undo some of the damage done post the Industrial Revolution.

As manufacturers who contribute significantly to the GDP of the country, businesses need to take on the essence of Earth Day – not just on the 22nd– but throughout the year. And increasingly there is the impetus to do so because sectors they service are honouring “green”.

Military, Avionics, Nuclear Going Green

We have already talked about the steps military forces are taking to minimize the adverse impact on the environment. They are exploring renewable fuel options because the switch will not only help them cut down the waste their operations produce, it will also keep troops mobile and out of harm’s way for longer periods of time.

The aviation industry has been dedicated to the cause of conservation for the past fifty years. Businesses in the space have reduced fuel-burn/passenger-Km by 70%. Sustainable bio-fuel production that will bring down carbon dioxide emissions by 24% is a popular cause that’s seen much progress.

Even the nuclear power sector isn’t lagging behind. As the debate rages around whether nuclear is a clean source of energy, Gen IV reactors are maximizing production efficiency and utilizing the heat by-product in United Nations approved ways to transform the world.

Connectronics has been a leading producer of specialized connectors & robust interconnection systems that not only match user specs but can also bear high current, high voltages and the vagaries of nature.

We are proud to team up with green ventures like Yellow Springs Instruments and gratified to support key industries on their journey to go green.

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