PRODUCTION ASSEMBLY5_thumbWelcome to Connectronics Corporation’s blog. For those who have been around our business from the beginning, we appreciate you tuning in, and for those just joining us, we wanted to talk a little bit about us and what you can expect from not only this blog—but the company as a whole.

Since Tom Ricketts and Al Mocek founded Connectronics in 1988, we’ve seen major expansion and a few changes. Starting out, the idea was to design and manufacture specialty connectors, which was something both men worked with in a previous company they worked for—but they were ready to branch out on their own. Connectronics was there to help satisfy customer demand when a major competitor, Rowe Industries, went out of business.

In 2004, Florida-based Heico’s Heico Electronic Technologies Corp purchased Connectronics to assist in growing the company’s offerings, and now, we’re publically owned. We’ve seen tremendous successes over the past 26 years, and currently, our products are in a variety of industries, including defense, industrial, satellite, and medical. Most notably, our products can function in extreme and harsh environment and, much like our company, can withstand rigorous challenges.

The next step in growing our company is happening right now—we’re getting more connected online. And we’re jumping in to boost our presence by launching this page in addition to our Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. For more information on what we’re about, head over to our website—but don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and check us out on social media.

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