Taking Sealing Up a Notch:

Hermetic sealing breaks the glass ceiling of isolation in procedures. Literally.

In the absence of any surface depredations or flaws in construction, the pressure within a structure is high and stable. Hermetic seals refer to a structure or installation that doesn’t allow gas to seep into surroundings or fluids in a contained area.

The result makes a hermetic seal the absolute pinnacle of effective protection.

The integrity of a hermetic seal is measured in terms of the leakage rate. The lower the value, the more capable the seal is of maintaining the pressure and existing condition of the elements for an extended period of time.

Needless to say, there are multiple factors like the panel interface, the contact block and the connector interface which have to be taken into account and adjusted to provide the best seal possible.

Hermetic Seal Applications:

The US constitution lies in a hermetically sealed container. While this is a quaint use of the technique, our everyday life is full of instances where hermetic seals prove their worth.

Hermetic seals are used in vacuum processing equipment.

They are also the basis of structures or installations that need to be immersed in liquids for long periods of time as is the case for underwater operations. Such processes are common in the fields of quality testing and engineering.

Hermetically Sealed Connectors

In short hermetic seals can bear the harshness of the environment and find place in undertakings that are hosted in challenging conditions.

Based upon that definition, this application is a necessity to avoid pitfalls in industrial applications.

Avionics, analytics, aerospace, medical, nuclear, underwater, radar, and oil exploration are just some of the industries that would see repercussions if any of their protected environments were contaminated by external variables.

Connectronics helps industry professionals avoid potentially hazardous situations with our specialized, hermetically sealed interconnects.

The Connectronics Corp Connection:

Since 1988 Connectronics has been a bona fide market leader in the field of high voltage, high current and underwater cables and connections.

We live at the intersection of customized design and accurate CNC enabled, on time production which lets us supply items of unparalleled quality.

Connectronics Corp connectors are the secret to hermetic seals that ace all tests thrown at them.

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